Best Elliptical Machine for Home Use

best elliptical machineHey there, so I know why your here and no doubt you are probably looking for the best elliptical machine that you can get.

Well you’ve come to the right place because here at elliptical reviewers we give you all the info and know-how to make a properly educated decision to find the very best elliptical machine for you!

Our in-depth reviews, personal training experience, product and customer research ensure that you’ll be given only the best information that you need. Added to that we personally choose to review ONLY the best elliptical machines on the market.

That means only machines where tons/hundreds of people have given top quality ratings will displayed on our website here. This way we ensure that whatever machine you decide to buy will be among the best of the best.

We are also happy that you’ve chosen to join the elliptical side of life. Apart from the fact that they are MUCH better for your joints than treadmills, we also find that they are just simply more enjoyable and dynamic overall.

Well, anyway, enough talking now. Below you will find our top 3 picks and below that a detailed guide and mindset to take in order to find the very best elliptical machine for you.



Best Elliptical Machine For Home Use: Top 3 Based on Price Ranges

Below is our top three best elliptical machine for home use based on your current spending price ranges. We have compiled this data based on our own experience and research, as well as the many satisfied customers and customer reviews of each product below. We hope this helps make the process off choosing the top machine for your home or gym that much easier.



proform hybrid trainer
Proform Hybrid
Price: Low
Rating: 4 Stars
Price: $349.99 (56% OFF!)
Shipping: Free!
Stride Length: 15"
Resistance Levels: 14
Programs: 14
Notes: Both Stationary Bike and Elliptical, Quiet Versatile & Efficient
horizon ex 59 02
Horizon EX-59-02
Price: Med
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Price: $629.00 (24% OFF!)
Shipping: Free!
Stride Length: 18"
Resistance Levels: 16
Programs: 10
Notes: Gym Quality Feel, Quiet, Efficient, All Around Good Feel
sole e35
Sole E35
Price: High
Rating: 4 Stars
Price: $1,299.99 (35% OFF!)
Shipping: Free!
Stride Length: Power Adjustable Up to 22"
Resistance Levels: 20
Programs: 10
Notes: Commercial Gym Quality, Sturdy, Quiet, Very Efficient


Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Elliptical Machine For You


Cost – the most important factor, as it will determine whether you buy any elliptical at all. If you have a set in stone price range, simply compare similar priced models to find the best elliptical machine for you. If you simply want a very low price and yet still an excellent quality and solid machine then check out our schwinn a40 elliptical trainer review. For a solid, all around, excellent quality machine with great features and technology, then we recommend a mid range elliptical like the Horizon EX-59-02 as shown above. And finally for a higher-end unit that is near commercial quality we recommend you check out our sole e35 elliptical review. If this is something you see being a key focal point in your life and weight loss efforts, and you can afford it; then we recommend a higher end machine as shown above. The choice is yours.


Stride Length – the overall distance that the pedals travel through the range of motion. Stride length can have a heavy correlation to user experience and comfort on your machine. There is no set in stone metrics to properly gauge what your stride length should be. Different make and models of machines can yield different stride lengths and feel, even if they are the same length as each other.

However, typically the taller you are the longer stride length you should go for. Generally 5’7 individuals and up in most cases will find more comfort in 16″-22″ stride lengths, while people under 5″7 might find 14-18″ ideal.In our research we have proven these guidelines don’t always apply though, as we have seen people of 6’5 comfortable on short stride lengths and shorter people comfortable on long stride lengths. As a general rule though loosely follow our advice above when deciding on stride length.

Also keep in mind that most companies are aware that people will be of different height, and therefore try to create their stride lengths at comfortable ranges for people of all heights and sizes. Here at elliptical reviewers we ONLY review the top ellipticals on the market and therefore the machine’s stride length’s have proven comfortable to a wide range of people, and most likely will be perfect for you as well.

Don’t stress out too much about this factor it will mostly apply if you are ridiculously tall or short.


Appearance – if you have the luxury of owning a home gym or care about the color scheme of your room, then the color of the elliptical may be a determining factor for you.  Otherwise remember you wont be marrying this machine so appearance shouldn’t be much of a concern.


Space/Size – again depending on your preferences for appearance or space in your workout room the size of the actual machine should be something to consider.


Resistance Levels – this should tie in more to your price range than anything else when looking for the best elliptical machine. Typically more resistance levels will be associated with a machine of greater value. Again since we only review the best products here, you will be able to achieve a great workout with whatever machine you choose. More resistance levels is somewhat of a luxurious feature for added user preference.


Quiet Factor – most machines are designed to be on the quiet side and even if they become noisy can be fixed with lubrication. Again since we choose to review only the best, almost every product we come across is frequently noted as “whisper quiet”.


Extra Features – again will strongly tie into money willing to be spent and your preference for added luxury or needs.  Cooling fans, more programs, etc are all down to your personal wants vs needs vs cost.



So there you have it. Simply follow the steps above as loosely or firmly as you desire when making a buying decision and you will surely choose the very best elliptical machine for you. For even more in-depth product specific info be sure to check out our reviews.