About Us

Choosing the best elliptical can be hard. We know that ellipticals aren’t cheap, even the cheap ones aren’t cheap. Or maybe they are and everything else is just really expensive?…Either way a certain amount of thought and research should go into buying an elliptical machine. That is why through past experiences, testing, analysis and research we have compiled a site showing and reviewing the very best ellipticals have to offer.

I am an ex boxer, ex-competitive bodybuilder turned personal trainer, and am now somewhere in the middle. My fiance is also, and currently a personal trainer.  So we have worked with, used, owned and constantly have been around ellipticals and other gym equipment daily. About a year or so ago, my fiance wanted to get out of working through a gym. We completely renovated our garage and built a home gym, for us and her clients. We purchased a lot of our equipment online, in particular we needed a couple of elliptical machines.

While comparing products and prices online, I started to notice a trend, in most other elliptical review type sites.  Some of the reviews were too long and stale, like the inside of an owners manual, or filled with uneccessary ads everywhere. Some were coming from big box retail chain stores, lacking real customer reviews and only providing the basic manufacturer descriptions.

Even some of the better looking sites out there had reviews that were way too short.  Consisting of a brief introductory paragraph, a few bulleted points and then calling it a day. Usually, since the reviews were so short and even less informative, they were able to review many many elliptical machines. I don’t know about them but I like to read more than 100 words of info when purchasing something of this magnitude.

Needless to say though, these sites weren’t all that helpful for me.  I found myself having to read many sites and reviews just to get a detailed review and some answers. Hence, that is one of the reason why we created Elliptical Reviewers.

Here at Elliptical Reviewers, we are not going to bother with the crappy machines, we are only going to review the top ellipticals out there. That way, even if you have no idea what you want, you really cant go wrong with what you decide on getting.

I’ll be providing my own opinions and input along the way. But when it comes right down to it, in your pursuit to finding the best elliptical for you, you may find you want a good quality cost conscious machine, or a well priced near commercial machine. Maybe you want a machine with a lot of programs and added features. Here at Elliptical Reviewers our goal is to deliver comprehensive, honest, and detailed reviews on the best ellipticals have to offer. That way you can make those important decisions for you and your specific needs.

So hopefully in the end you will find the best elliptical for you.